Yunet and Lianet Garcia, Accounting

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Identical twins, Yunet and Lianet Garcia, accepted an employment internship offer with Castellon & Company, P.L., an international experienced CPA firm that consults foreign individuals and businesses entering the United States with financial matters in the areas of accounting, taxation, and auditing. The position will begin once the students graduate in the spring. Yunet responded to a job posting through FIU’s Honors College. After having her resume reviewed and approved, she was contacted by Mr. Castellon, owner of Castellon & Company, P.L., to schedule a Skype interview. During the interview, Mr. Castellon learned about Lianet, Yunet’s identical twin sister. Having been impressed with Yunet’s professionalism and qualifications, he invited both Yunet and Lianet to the office to meet the staff. Following the office visit, Yunet received an email from Mr. Castellon stating: “After considering all other candidates, we decided that we would like to have you in our internship program effective May 1st. Congratulations! We feel you have the potential to be an outstanding CPA and work within our office environment with our “family of staff”. Just as important, we also decided to bring in your sister Lianet Garcia with an identical offer. “