Aesthetics & Value Exhibition

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By Odette Manresa

The Honors College hosted its Aesthetics & Value Exhibition on April 15 – May 10, 2015. As the culminating project for students in their fourth year honors seminar, the course focused on the role visual arts play in social and cultural constructs. Its curriculum, designed to engage students in a democratic process, enabled them to question how art can affect reoccurring and modern controversial issues. Aside from exposing art’s significance within society, it gives students the opportunity to be creative and resourceful by organizing, researching, and curating the exhibition at Florida International University’s Patricia and Phillip Frost Art Museum, located at Modesto A. Maidique Campus.

The exhibition, this year, was home to various contemporary Miami artists such as Robert Thiele, Christian Duran, Julie Davidow, and more. “As a psychology major, I have always been interested in how people respond differently to the same stimuli. Art, in my opinion, is a perfect example of this because art is not always defined and concrete. There are times when art will evoke different interpretations, reactions, and feelings. The installations and artworks at the Aesthetics & Value Exhibition were no exception to this,” said an Honors student at the exhibition.

The artworks presented at the exhibition succeeded in making its attendees think and analyze what the artist was trying to portray with their art and also made them think about what the art said to them personally. The exhibition was a true representation of the interdisciplinary curriculum and “outside the box” thinking that the Honors College is known for.