Honors College Fosters Intellectual Activity


By Gabrielle Garcia

For first year students college can sometimes be an overwhelming transition. The FIU Honors College, however, makes every effort to make students as involved and as comfortable as possible. Throughout the academic year, The Honors College provides numerous opportunities for students to challenge themselves intellectually and to interact with other students.  From unique class projects, internship opportunities to social events and gatherings, The Honors College provides students with opportunities to channel their creative selves and empowers students to thrive both in and out of the classroom.

From the start of their honors experience, First year students are immediately immersed into an intellectually stimulating community. Not only do extracurricular activities provide students the chance to mingle and establish connections with one another, first year students have the chance to build and establish a sense of professionalism. The course IDH 1931 Intro to Leadership, students participate in a variety of group activities and projects.

One of the most notable projects for this course is the ARCH project. As a class students collectively select a topic to conduct research on and present their findings to the Honors College Faculty. This project not only provides students with the tools to enhance their research skills but also allows students to establish public speaking skills. Students have the chance to exercise their intellectual curiosities while working with others therefore empowering students to succeed in their future endeavors.