HEARTS Welcomes the Palate Magazine

HEARTS Welcomes Palette by Gabrielle Garcia

The Honors College provides students with many opportunities to release their creative insights. Through Honors Education in the Arts (HEARTS), students are encouraged to create their own works of art and to explore their own artistic juices. HEARTS is dedicated to fostering and bolstering the arts in the FIU Honors College Community by allowing students to create clubs, organizations, and activities to exercise their love for the arts.

From drama and dance to photography and fashion, HEARTS offers students an array of innovative spaces to explore their creative endeavors while collaborating with other students with a common interest.

This 2015-2016 school year, HEARTS is welcoming a student publication to the Honors College community. The Palate Magazine and the Palate Team will work to provide the Honors community with an online student magazine.

As many HEARTS organizations are formed, the idea for the Palate Magazine was created by Honors students themselves. Headed by President and Editor-in-Chief, Honors student Maria-Jose Ayuso, the Palate Magazine will be student run and dedicated to showcasing honors students’ skills and talents. The magazine will follow an interdisciplinary approach, which will welcome students of all academic backgrounds to contribute to the magazine and produce a diverse publication.

The Palate Magazine held its inaugural meeting on Monday, October 5, 2015, in an effort to encourage students to apply for positions within the organization and to submit their creative content to be potentially featured in the magazine. The new magazine will provide students with a unique and innovative way to share their ideas with the community.  Whether a student is editing content material, designing the layout of the magazine, organizing the logistics, or submitting material, students have the chance to create and collaborate through a “palette” of resources.

Interested students can submit their work now to palatexmag@gmail.com and become published artists/authors through the Honors College. Each published work gets one Honors Point.

For more information on the Palate Magazine, please visit http://honors.fiu.edu/palate/

By: Gabrielle Garcia