Dean’s Welcome

Welcome to the Honors College!

I would like to invite you to become part of an exceptional community. If you’re looking for a small-school sense of belonging while accessing the many advantages of a top research university, Honors is for you.

Many of the schools you are considering have honors colleges or programs. Ours is different. Our Honors College can give you a big edge. No matter your major, we can help you develop the tools to get the most out of your education and to compete successfully against your peers for jobs and grad school.

We provide a cutting-edge curriculum that is better, not harder. Honors courses–you’ll take one each semester–are engaging, interactive, and innovative. Rarely will you be graded on a cram-exam. We are more focused on leading you into interdisciplinary problem-solving, the kind of skill today’s employers in every area are demanding. Here, you’ll get education on the edge. And your GPA will go up, not down.

But there’s more to Honors than courses. If you’re on your way to law school or med school, we have accelerated programs that can cut a year off your studies, supported by top-quality pre-professional student organizations and specialized advising. We have one of the most comprehensive undergraduate research programs in the country. We have unusual, life-changing study abroad programs. We have unlimited ways for you to enjoy and participate in the arts. We have scholarships, career and internship possibilities open only to Honors students. We have service opportunities that will open your eyes and hearts. We have noted speakers on a range of current and controversial subjects. We have supplementary workshops and presentations every week.

Every honors program does some of these things–but at FIU, we do them all, and so can you.

Kurt Vonnegut has said that “out on the edge you see all the kinds of things you can’t see from the center.” Join us on the educational edge. Join us in the Honors College.

Lesley A. Northup, Ph.D.
Dean & Fellow
Associate Professor of Religious Studies