3+3 Law School Program

Honors students interested in early admission to the FIU College of Law may be interested in our accelerated law program. This program is designed to help students meet all the requirements for graduation early, to then be admitted into FIU Law for their last year of undergrad. The program is intensive and requires a strong commitment from students. For more information on the program, please refer to the FAQ below.

Not all majors may accommodate this program, please speak with an Honors College Advisor for more details.

Frequently Asked Questions about Honors 3+3 Law Program

What are the requirements to participate in the 3+3 Law Program?

  • Membership in good standing with the Honors College
  • 18 completed credits of Honors (12 credits if AA degree earned)
  • Minimum 3.5 FIU cumulative GPA
  • Submitted complete application

What does the FIU College of Law require for admission through this program?

  • Minimum LSAT of 155
  • LSAT completed by February (Spring) of junior year
  • LSAC application with letter of recommendation by the beginning of junior year
  • Application to the College of Law by March of the junior year (full time, day program only)

Am I guaranteed admission to the FIU College of Law by being in this program?

  • No, this is an early admission program, NOT a guaranteed admission program.
  • You still have to go through the admission review process like any other College of Law applicant.
  • The first year of law school will count as your last year of undergrad.

What happens if I go through this program and do not get accepted to FIU College of Law?

  • As stated above, simply being in this program does not guarantee your admission into FIU Law.
  • If you are not admitted into the FIU College of Law, then you will complete your undergraduate degree and take electives for your last two semesters.
  • You may reapply for admission to the FIU College of Law for the year following the completion of your degree.

How are courses that were “forgiven” through the FIU Forgiveness Policy treated?

  • Unfortunately, the FIU College of Law does not honor the forgiveness policy and will take ALL your grades into account.
  • The FIU College of Law will recalculate your GPA to factor in any “forgiven” courses.

If I am admitted to the College of Law, how will I be coded in the FIU system?

  • Once admitted to the College of Law, you will be coded as a law student.
  • Your undergrad record is “suspended” until you finish the first year of law school and apply for graduation for your bachelor’s degree.

I receive financial aid; what will happen to that aid if I’m coded as a law student?

  • Upon your admission into the College of Law, you will no longer be eligible for certain types of undergraduate financial aid.
  • For students participating in the Florida Pre-Paid Program:
    • You will be able to use your pre-paid dollars up to the 120 credit limit, depending on your pre-paid package
    • Your pre-paid will be charged at the College of Law credit rate, not as undergrad credits

How will the College of Law classes be reflected in my undergraduate transcript?

  • The FIU College of Law has a separate transcript.
  • Once your grades are posted, the Registrar at the College of Law will manually give credit for your law courses in the undergraduate transcript.
  • Law courses will appear as transfer credit on the undergraduate transcript.

Will the grades I receive in my law courses count towards my undergraduate degree?

  • No, only the credits will be counted.
  • Law courses will appear as transfer credit on the undergraduate transcript with a grade of “P”.
  • There will be an annotation on the undergraduate transcript indicating the grade can be viewed.

What majors will allow for me to participate in this program?

  • The following majors support this 3 + 3 opportunity with the College of Law for eligible students: Criminal Justice, Economics, History, Interdisciplinary Studies, Liberal Studies, Philosophy, Political Science, Public Administration, and Religious Studies.
  • You will need to meet with an Honors College Advisor to review whether your major and progress will make you eligible for this program.

Once I finish my first year of law school, what’s the procedure for graduating with my bachelor’s degree?

  • You must make sure you have all your degree requirements finished before you begin law school. You will NOT be able to take any undergrad courses during your first year of law school.
  • In the spring semester of your first year of law school, you need to apply for graduation on Panthersoft for your undergrad degree. See the academic calendar for graduation application deadlines.
  • Once your grades for law school are posted, your undergraduate transcript will be updated to post your degree.
  • Because the College of Law runs on a different academic calendar than the undergraduate school, your bachelor’s degree may not be posted until sometime in late June.

What if I decide I don’t want to be in law school anymore?

  • Deciding to go to law school is a major life decision.
  • Some students may not be able to manage the stress of the first year of law school and decide not to continue.
  • Dropping out may jeopardize your ability to transfer to another law school in the future.
  • Should you decide you are not interested in going to law school, you will need to meet with an Honors Academic Advisor to see what courses you can take to finish your undergraduate degree.
  • If you finish the first year of law school but decide not continue into the second year, we will still be able to use those courses from the first year toward your bachelor’s degree.