Service-Research Certificate

Certificate Description

To advance knowledge, leadership, engagement, and social well-being through service-research courses and projects

The Service-Research Certificate (SRC) provides an opportunity for Honors College students to integrate academic research, community partnerships, and service learning into a coherent program of study. This innovative, integrative, and transformational educational approach builds on the principles of community-based research (CRB), customizing it to undergraduate students from different fields of study in order to maximize students’ research skills, knowledge, leadership growth, and civic engagement. It includes courses central to an understanding of community engagement in a social and historical context. The certificate also offers students the opportunity to participate in research that positively impacts the communities in which they live, work, and study. Significantly, the certificate allows students to conduct applied research in their majors by drawing on courses offered both by the Honors College and by participating departments and/or colleges.


Students who complete this certificate program will

  • Gain research skills through collaboration with faculty and community mentors
  • Learn about community partnerships, civic responsibility, and engagement
  • Participate on research teams
  • Conduct and develop research related to their majors and/or interests
  • Complete a service-research project and present research findings in a professional conference setting
  • Apply their research in a real-world setting
  • Hone leadership skills in preparation for graduate work or professional careers

  Required Credits

The 18 credits required for this certificate program includes 12 Honors credits—that is, 6 study abroad credits and 6 credits of service-research through the Honors College—as well as 6 credits in service-research courses offered by other academic units. All students earning the certificate must be enrolled members in good standing in the Honors College at FIU and must maintain a grade point average of at least 3.00 in all work attempted as part of the certificate. No course taken pass/non-pass may be used as part of a certificate. Students can only be awarded the certificate upon successful graduation from an accredited degree-granting program at Florida International University. (Course descriptions in next section)

To obtain this certificate, Honors College students will need to complete 18 credits, including:

Core I Pre-Requisite (0 credit; one class meeting per week)

Introduction to Service-Research  (Currently, this course is included in IDH 3034/4007, Sweetwater Service-Research Seminar.)

Core II Requirement (6 credits; each course = 6 credits) – Honors-based service-research course

Students may choose any one of the following year-long offerings (all numbered IDH 3034/4007, with varying section numbers), or new ones that may be added in the future as the service-research concept is developed further:

  • Sweetwater Service-Research
  • Aesthetic & Values: Art as Social Language
  • The Everglades: Beginning to End
  • Walk, Don’t Run

Core III Requirement (6 credits; each course = 6 credits) – Honors Study Abroad Course

  • Peruvian Amazon: Environment, People, and Opportunity on a Rainforest Frontier (6 cr)
  • Cambodia & Vietnam: Their Place in American History (to be offered Winter 2012) (6cr)

Electives (6 credits)

These credits can be earned either through taking another of the Honors seminars listed above, or through service-research courses offered by another unit. The list of such courses will change annually, based on the offerings of other units.  The Honors College will determine which proposed courses from other units can be applied to the certificate.


All applicants should fill out a Certificate Application Form – [Application]

Submit the form to the Honors College for approval.  Approved certificate applications will be forwarded to the Office of the Registrar for processing.

For more information about the program, contact:

Lilian Solorzano
Director of Student Services