Raymond Krause
Olema Leon
Adam Sochet
Peter Machonis
Sharon   Placide
Pete   Markowitz
Erskine   and   Cynthia   Dottin
Lesley   Northup
Regina Bailey
Max Potosme

Raul Rodriguez


I donated to the Honors College because of what it stands for: giving students the tools they need to excel in life and to become better leaders and innovators. The College emphasizes that the most important value in life is passing on knowledge on and giving back to our communities, so we can all strive for a better future. Learn from your past, act in the present, and think towards the future!

Raul Rodriguez, CEO, National Health Transport Co.

Tina Vidal


The Tina Vidal Study Abroad Program

The FIU Honors College represents a higher standard of excellence and cultural enrichment, supporting students who both excel in academics and have a thirst to expand their knowledge and understanding past the classroom. The Honors College students represent a quality unmatched anywhere else in the University and I hope to continue to support and encourage that success.

Tina Vidal, CEO, PoochPerks

Heidi Marcelo-Calero


The Heidi Marcelo-Calero Seminar Room

The Honors College was integral to my personal and career development, and it is my pleasure to support the College now, as it did me in my youth. I hope that this contribution aids the College in its mission of nurturing and fostering the careers of future generations of students.

Heidi Marcelo-Calero, Attorney at Marcelo Law Group

Rachelle Metcalfe


The Metcalfe Family Study Room

I always knew that I would give back to the school that gave me everything. The Honors College shaped the person that I am today, and helped me meet people that would become my closest friends and mentors who have helped guide my career path. I've grown up here, and it is a very large part of my life. This is my chance to give back and to inspire others to do the same.

Rachelle Metcalfe, Assistant Director of Enrollment Services, FIU Honors College

Jonathan Cameron


As an alumnus of the Honors College at FIU, I'm incredibly grateful for the opportunity to give back to a program that was very formative for me personally. The inter-disciplinary approach to learning, and interaction with FIU's brightest students representing various majors, was a recipe for an excellent educational experience.

Jonathan Cameron, Certified Financial Planner™

Stephen & Judith Fain


The Stephen M. Fain and Judith M. Fain Conference Room

Our gift reflects our belief that the Honors College offers students high quality academic experiences from the classic academy, to current intellectual thought, and to visions of the future. Further, we believe that the Honors experience changes lives by building foundations and opening new vistas for students. Supporting Honors was an easy decision and we are pleased that we were able to add our support to this vibrant enterprise.

Stephen Fain, Honors College Fellow Emeritus Founding University Professor

Carlos Duart & Tina Vidal


The Carlos Duart & Tina Vidal Undergraduate Research Center

We are excited to support the Honors College! We both received degrees from FIU, as did our parents, and I graduated from the Honors College. Education is vital to the growth and development of South Florida. The Honors College represents the highest standard of excellence and cultural enrichment, and it trains students whose quality is unmatched. We hope to continue to support and encourage that success.

Tina Vidal, CEO, PoochPerks

Carlos Duart, CDR Maguire, Inc

Mary Gushée


The Stephen Hale Gushée Study Room

I am making this contribution to the Honors College because I know how much Steve respected Dean Northup and her work there. He would have made a wonderful teacher himself, and he would be pleased to know that a study room in the College had been dedicated to him.

Mary Gushée