“The FIU Honors College is a treasure that cannot be replicated. I know of no other honors college or program that itself funds as fully developed a four-year curriculum.”
Ted Estess, Former Dean and Founder of the University of Houston Honors College

The Honors College is a vibrant, expanding, enthusiastic and engaged community of young scholars from every field, mentored to be tomorrow’s leaders. A dynamic laboratory of cutting-edge teaching and learning, the College provides a transformative undergraduate education.


  • The Honors College has grown 700% in the last 10 years.
  • An internship is guaranteed to every Honors student.
  • 36 percent of Honors College students agree or strongly agree with the statement: “I came to FIU because of the Honors College.”
  • Adding 1% of each new freshmen class to Honors raises FIU’s graduation and retention rates 1% each.
  • STEM students currently comprise over 50% of Honors enrollment.
  • The 2011 National Honors Student of the Year was FIU’s Daniel Tapanes.
  • Summa cum Laude has repeatedly won the top award for Honors Publication of the Year.
  • The Honors College has annually been the first unit to reach 100% in the FIU Ignite staff/faculty campaign since its inception. We believe in what we do, and we invest in it.

"Nothing in my life has brought me greater satisfaction than attending the NCHC conferences, working with children at Sweetwater, and meeting and becoming friends with some of the most positively influential mentors in my life from the Honors College."
—Jairo Pava, '11


“I just wanted to thank you for all of the effort you place into into making us think outside of the box. The exposure to conflict and the promotion of discussion were pivotal to my success as a public speaker during my studies in grad school.” — Juan Guzman, '13

“Apart from being an exceptional and transformative experience, the Honors College has been supportive and helpful at a time that was stressful for me and my family. Thank you for believing in me and for helping me make my dreams a reality.”
— Arian Sheremeti, '14