Summer 2017

Summer Online Seminars 2017

RVAA-C A & RVAB-C Summer BUtopiasRuben GarroteOnline
In this course, we will explore the utopian imagination by tracing its development from its ancient precursors to its flowering in modernity. Through the readings and discussions, we will address the shifts in utopian thought as it was affected by contemporary sociopolitical realities and the relationships between the utopian imagination and these realities.
RVBA-C A & RVBB-C Summer BSeven Deadly SinsMary Lou PfeifferOnline
The Seven Deadly Sins investigates what appears to be a simple, three-letter word, "sin," and its evolution into the list of the 7 deadly [capital/mortal] sins: anger, envy, gluttony, greed (avarice), lust, pride and sloth. These sins are central to moral philosophy and human behavior. They have been examined through art, music, and literature for more than fifteen hundred years, and recently through multimedia and texts. The course offers the student a background to recognize, define and analyze the 7 sins and their historical roots, as well as the corresponding virtues, as they emerged from Eastern and Western societies throughout written history. Students are required to view films throughout the course posted in the movie folder. Electronic readings, works of art and music are included.
RVCA-C A & RVCB-C Summer BThird World CinemaElizabeth Hanly Online
This course leaves Hollywood filmmaking in the dust. Instead, it explores film from the so-called Third World, focusing in particular on work from Africa and the Middle East. What is the history and social context of this work? Just how sophisticated are the visions, let alone the craft, from so-called “underdeveloped” areas? To quote a former student: "These films, in contrast to more familiar Hollywood productions, convey the human condition in profound detail. Sometimes what results is terrifying, sometimes it is glorious. Often it is both. From Algerian family dinners to Kenyan ghosts, to brides in the Golan Heights, we got to see more than we could have imagined.”
RVEA A & RVEB Summer BMyth and Ritual in Film Adam GorelickOnline
This online course integrates theoretical discussions of myth and ritual (as interrelated cultural dimensions of religion) with analyses of the relatively contemporary medium of film. In each case, a collective artistic experience employs narrative form to evoke, to explain, or even to create meaning. Following the trail of 19th-century anthropology and 20th-century psychology, we will examine the binding connections between myth and ritual, and we will also seek out their secular analogues in literature and drama on our way toward film as an integrative multi-media form of cultural expression. We will explore the sociological implications of mainstream cinema (such as Spielberg, Pixar, etc.) as shared experience, film adaptations of myth versus myth-inspired storytelling, theological and political interpretations (e.g., of alien films), and much more. Online interactive features will include live discussion, video, and even some amateur film making on the part of the students.
RVFA-C A & RVFB-C Summer BIssues in Biomedical EthicsMary Lou PfeifferOnline
This course examines issues of applied ethics [moral standards] as related to the dilemmas faced by patients, professionals and workers in the healthcare and scientific fields. The first semester, the course examines basic ethical issues and polarized beliefs against a historical timeline on the evolution of biomedical ethics. The dilemmas we face today regarding matters of life and death are examined through case studies looking at the laws governing the US and global healthcare systems and medical practices, and medical directives. The second semester explores three current issues: vaccinations, “designer babies,” and dying with dignity. Our debates are conducted through ApprenNet, which allows students to view all presentations and actively participate.

Summer 2017 Study Abroad

EA6-C Summer AInternational TravelAileen Marty, JuanCarlos Espinosa 05/08/2017 - 06/16/2017
This course is open only to students enrolled in the Honors South Africa study abroad program for Summer 2017.
EA-C Summer CInternational TravelJohn Bailly05/08/2017 - 07/28/2017
This section is for Honors Spain study abroad students for Summer 2017 only.
EA02-C Summer BInternational TravelJohn Bailly06/19/2017 - 07/28/2017

This course is open to students enrolled in the Honors France summer 2017 program only.
EA03-C Summer AInternational TravelJohn Bailly05/08/2017 - 06/16/2017
Course only open to students enrolled in the Honors Italy Study Abroad Program--Summer 2017
EA4-C Summer AInternational TravelCecile Houry, JuanCarlos Espinosa 05/08/2017 - 06/16/2017
Course only open to students in the Honors Cambodia Vietnam study abroad program for summer 2017.
EA7-C Summer AInternational TravelMasako Kubota05/08/2017 - 06/16/2017
This section is for students in Honors Japan study abroad program only for Summer 2017.