Beyond Corporate Strategy- A Harvard Business School Case Approach


INSTRUCTOR: Hortensia Sampedro


SCHEDULE: Monday 1:00PM – 3:45PM

SYLLABUS: An Introduction to Corporate Strategy – A Harvard Business School Case Approach

Course Description

Business growth is the productive engine of economic, social and cultural development. Through active student participation in class, students will use critical thinking, creativity and problem-solving skills to analyze Harvard Business cases on key business themes illustrated by Apple, Heritance Kandalama Resort of Sri Lanka, Intel, Groupon, Apollo Hospitals of India, Zara of Spain, LEGO, Axel Springer of Germany, Hubspot, Allstate, Kindle Fire, Google in China, Clayton Industries of Italy. The course is taught at a non-technical high level for students seeking both a business and non-business perspective of the growth of the world’s representative companies in their thematic areas. The course is capped by the student’s chosen project described below. Prof. Sampedro is known for her practical, and, in many cases, first-hand experiences.