Ancient Technology




SCHEDULE: Tuesday, Thursday 11:00AM – 12:15PM

Course Description

This class is recommended for Engineering students.

The purpose of this class is to explore ancient engineering and technology. Thanks to archaeological excavation, monumental buildings, gates, city walls, roads and chips have been discovered. In ancient times, these (sometimes) gigantic structures were constructed without the benefit of bulldozers, cranes, lifts, drills, or any of the modern tools with which we are familiar. So, how did the ancient people move materials and build these amazing things? This class seeks to elucidate the ingenuity of the ancient mind in order to understand their technology which in turn will help us to better understand our own and apply these, and new, ideas to the future.

Note: this course is limited to those students in the Honors College who are in a major in the College of Engineering and Computing, and are currently in IDH 1002. This course is equivalent to Social Science (Group Two) and Global Learning Foundations, requirements that are not typically covered in Engineering programs.

To be added to this course, please email Allen Varela at Be sure to include your Panther ID.