Business Ethics & Society


INSTRUCTOR: Michelle Romero


SCHEDULE: Thursday 6:25PM – 9:05PM

Course Description

Is Business Ethics an oxymoron?

Managing a business (any business) takes industry-specific knowledge and experience. However, having a genuine understanding that HOW you operate your business reflects not just on you but impacts society, is equally important. With widespread misconduct reported daily by the media, it is clear that organizations must address business ethics, as today’s professionals cannot make sound business decisions without an understanding of their legal and ethical implications. Unethical behavior creates legal risks and can damage your business, employees and consumers. Therefore, business ethics is an important part of ANY industry.

This course will bring your attention to the moral dilemmas and problems that arise in business and to consider ethical principles and standards that ought to be applied, when there is no clear or obvious course of action that should be taken. We will discuss and analyze current events and cases; study different ethical systems and cultural variations; and learn how to develop and implement business ethics in a global economy. Additionally, we will look at corporate governance policies, compliance programs and the social responsibility of organizations.

The goal of this class is two-fold: to aid you in honing your critical thinking, analysis and problem-solving skills and to help you develop as a leader who makes principled decisions by thinking about the effects of those decisions on business and society. The class has a heavy emphasis on discussion and analysis, touching on relevant legal concepts. All Honors students, regardless of major or intended career, are welcome.

Students will learn to:

  • Recognize and analyze ethical issues
  • Develop ethical management and leadership skills
  • Apply general ethical principles to cases and business practices
  • Understand current and pressing moral issues in business
  • Think critically and exhibit analytical problem-solving