Developing Human-Centric Skills for Healthcare




SCHEDULE: Wednesday 8:00AM – 9:15AM

Course Description

This course explores the connection between emotional intelligence and business sustainability in healthcare. Developing Human-Centric Skills for Healthcare outlines six soft skill competencies vital for professional success: Compassion, Consciousness, Citizenship, Creativity, Collaboration and Communication. Students will explore each of these dimensions through the lens of a career in healthcare. Meeting sessions will be a combination of lectures, dialogues and experiential learning. Each semester will feature a capstone project. During the first semester students will engage in a tactile volunteerism project. During the second semester students will be assigned real world challenges facing the healthcare industry and asked to provide a novel solution. The course emphasizes the development of public speaking and presentation skills. Upon completion of this two-semester course, students will be able to understand and appreciate the value of soft skills as it relates to their career path in healthcare.

Students will learn to:

  • Explain the value of Compassion, Communication, Citizenship, Creativity, Collaboration and Consciousness as integral skills to success in healthcare
  • Develop skills in public speaking and use of AIDET
  • Explain patient experience metrics in healthcare
  • Develop skills in social responsibility and volunteerism