Environment and Society


INSTRUCTOR: Camilo Rosales


SCHEDULE: Monday 11:00AM – 1:45PM

Course Description

The first semester concentrates in understanding some of the workings of the earth such as natural cycles, natural geography and climatic regions. This is followed by studying how early cultures adapted to these conditions and how they created distinct cultural, practical, and philosophical concepts about the natural realm. The growth of agriculture, cities, art, and science in different parts of the world is covered in this segment. In similar fashion the environmental degradation, and sustainable practices, initiated by these early cultures are also studied.

The second semester explores issues of industrial development, energy, technology, and the vast environmental degradation that ensued, including the loss of biodiversity, massive pollution, and climate change. This is followed by researching the great variety of efforts currently underway to remedy the situation including environmental sustainability, conservation, restoration, green urbanism, and new technologies.