Nature, Design and Technology: The Multi-Disciplinary 21st Century


INSTRUCTOR: Robert Hacker


SCHEDULE: Tuesday 9:00AM – 11:30AM

Course Description

“The main task in this century will be to apply our ecological knowledge and systemic thinking to the fundamental redesign of our technologies and social institutions, so as to bridge the gap between human design and the ecologically sustainable systems of nature.” Fritjof Capra

The course examines the 21st century and the Fourth Industrial Revolution through an exploration of fundamental questions surrounding nature, design, and technology. This framework provides insight into the interconnectedness of existing and emerging social, economic, political and environmental problems of the near future. Students will explore five main concepts—creativity and innovation, complexity, computation, design thinking, and bio-mimicry—as a means to develop multi-disciplinary frameworks to address problems. Course topics will also develop an understanding of the key emerging technologies–artificial intelligence, Blockchain, gaming, cyber-physical systems and robotics—and their impact on society.

The learning outcome from this course is to change the participant’s understanding of reality from an organized, deterministic, slow changing human-centric system to a random, adaptive environment of real-time information and self-organizing networks that seamlessly combine natural and designed systems.