Growing Smartly: How Global Corporations Grow Successfully


INSTRUCTOR: Hortensia Sampedro


SCHEDULE: Monday 1:00PM – 3:45PM

Course Description

Business growth is the productive engine of economic, social and cultural development. This highly participatory course uses select Harvard Business School (HBS) cases and inter-active simulations to apply strategy, marketing and management principles to growing companies smartly. It is taught at a high level (non-technical), for both business and non-business students: business students wishing to become C-level executives and senior managers in major corporations, and students in other non-business studies (engineering, life and health sciences, etc.) who might wish to pursue entrepreneurial careers in their fields. The student will develop a more practical understanding of today’s world of global business through selected readings, videos, interactive simulations, cases and a course project of interest to the team. The student will further develop skills in critical thinking, creativity and problem solving. Major themes include competitive and emergent strategies, value creation-value capture, value stream mapping, business models, inbound vs outbound marketing, organizational behavior, human resources management, economics, operations management, and a small peek at the future. This is a course taught from a practical, hands-on experience and requires active student participation and class attendance.