Observing Ourselves: A Primer for Life After Honors


INSTRUCTOR: H. Scott Fingerhut


SCHEDULE: Monday 3:00PM – 5:50PM

Course Description

This seminar seeks to have you slow down, be quiet, and realize who and what and why you are; to ask soup questions that define your character; to discover what is deeply and fundamentally true, for you – and then, to write about it.

We will accomplish this primarily by Observing Ourselves, as honestly as we are able. Along the way, we’ll consider some foundational legal texts and principles, primarily in the context of people accused of crime, for how a society treats its outcasts, the least among it, says perhaps the most about the type of society it is and yearns to become. We shall also observe ourselves across all sorts of terrain, smooth and rugged — historical, philosophical, sociological, spiritual, temporal, even musical, so that we become accustomed to walking in foreign shoes.

On our journey, we may disagree about what our lives are individually to require. But we’ll become wise to avoid the disgrace of relying on unfounded assumptions about how other people live. We’ll want the best answers, so we’ll strive to ask the best questions. Do we deserve a new Bill of Rights? Is there virtue in selfishness? May we talk dirty and influence people? Come on — racism, still? Where is the soul? Does freedom evolve? What’s your drug of choice? In your heart, are you just? Will you ever “have it made”? All of this and more we shall consider, together, in a great conversation, as you prepare for Life After Honors, by Observing Ourselves.

Students will learn to:

  • Not suddenly become very conscious of the lateness of things.