The Political Cycle


INSTRUCTOR: Anthony Rionda


SCHEDULE: Wednesday 10:00AM – 12:45PM

Course Description

This is an interdisciplinary course where students will experience the full political cycle (from citizen, to candidate, to nominee, to elected, and retirement). From grassroots campaigning, to how national politics impact state-wide elections we will explore campaigns at all levels. We will then explore election promises, and analyze the historical and modern senate in a modern and interdisciplinary way. Guest lectures, interactive applications, presentations, and experiential learning opportunities are planned.

  • Summer 2018: you will have the opportunity to work with campaign.
  • Fall 2018: you will have the chance to analyze and research this year’s incredibly engaging midterm election (focusing on the U.S. Senate) in the fall term. We will focus on both the history, and current operation of the Senate, and the midterm campaign of 8-10 swing state senate elections (i.e., Florida, Nevada, Montana, North Dakota, West Virginia, Texas, Missouri).

A trip to Washington, D.C. will be incorporated post the midterm election. Elected officials, pollsters, statisticians, historians, political scientists, sociologists, accountants, lawyers, and government officials will come as guest speakers to lead interactive discussions.

Summer class meeting schedule*: Wednesday, 10-12 (six in-class meetings):

  • May 8 – Introduction to Campaign management, course overview.
  • May 30 – Preparing to run (media, press, polling, background)
  • June 13 – Campaign Strategy
  • June 27 – Campaign Financing
  • July 10 – Campaign Management (calls, e-mails, door knocking)
  • July 24 – Bringing it all together

Internship Placement: Approx. May 7 – July 27

  • Florida will be host to a gubernatorial, senate election, 27 congressional elections (one open seat in Miami), state senate, and state house.
  • Candidates are expected to volunteer as interns on campaigns having a grassroots experience.

*Subject to adjustment