Things: Object, Image and Memory


INSTRUCTOR: Gretchen Scharnagl


SCHEDULE: Monday, Wednesday 2:00PM – 3:15PM

Course Description

We are surrounded by lots of things. We collect and save, store and arrange them. From family heirlooms, museum and state or religious institution collections, and debris, refuse and remains, our history and memory are directed by image and object. The class will consider what objects, and the stories the things we look at generate and define who we are. While we see objects and images daily, throughout the year, the students will take the time to look and think through things that have shaped their lives and their histories. Some students will travel to Washington DC to see the collections there. We will make connections.

Students will learn to:

  • Notice things and question things with a keen eye and understanding that all things communicate something
  • The student’s own responsibility and relationship to things, collected, created, remembered or disposed of will become an integral part of defining them