Treating the Person, Not Only the Disease


INSTRUCTOR: Jose Rodriguez


SCHEDULE: Tuesday, Thursday 11:00AM – 12:15PM

Course Description

For the better part of a century, a disease-oriented model of treatment has dominated the medical field. In this paradigm, the medical doctor diagnoses and treats bio-physiological maladies and nothing more. Recent changes in the MCAT deal with the psychological and social foundations of behavior. This course will attempt to provide students with a primer for that other half of the MCAT. In the fall semester, we will cover MCAT Foundation Concepts 6 & 7: Sensing the Environment, Making Sense of the Environment, Responding to the World, Individual Influences on Behavior, Social Processes that Influence Human Behavior, and Attitude and Behavior Change. In the spring semester, we will cover MCAT Foundation Concepts 8, 9, & 10: Self-Identity, Social Thinking, Social Interactions, Understanding Social Structure, Demographic Characteristics and Processes, and Social Inequality. All students with an interest in the psycho-social biological foundations of human behavior are welcome to a course that connects psychology, sociology, biology, and anthropology.