Credit and Graduation Requirements


Honors College students must complete the Honors Curriculum that applies to their entry status:

»Students accepted as freshmen and sophomores (18-20 IDH credits)

»Students accepted as juniors or transfers ( 12 IDH credits)

Students admitted with 45 college credits or less are required to complete the Lower Division Honors College curriculum requirement (6-8 credits). All Honors College courses are year long and must be taken for the full academic year to satisfy the requirement. Lower Division Honors course options include:

»IDH 1931, Introduction to Honors I (Fall, 1 credit) – freshmen only  and,

»IDH 1931, Introduction to Honors II (Spring, 1 credit) – freshmen only

»IDH 1001, Origins of Ideas and Ideas of Origins I (Fall, 3 credits) and,

»IDH 1002, Origins of Ideas and Ideas of Origins II (Spring, 3 credits)

»IDH 2003, Inhabiting Other Lives I (Fall, 3 credits) and,

»IDH 2004, Inhabiting Other Lives II (Spring, 3 credits)

All Honors College students will complete at least 12 Upper Division Honors credits*

Choose from:

»Honors Seminar: IDH 3034 & IDH 3035 (6 credits)

»Study Abroad Program: IDH 4007 & IDH 4008 (6 credits)

»Research or Thesis Option (ARCH): IDH 4905 ( 0-6 credits)

*At least 12 credits MUST come from IDH Upper Division Options


To graduate through the Honors College at FIU, students must meet the following criteria:

  • Maintain continuous citizenship in the Honors College
  • Earn a minimum number of credits from the point of entry to the Honors College
    • Freshman = 20 credits
    • Sophomore = 18 credits
    • Junior/Senior = 12 credits
  • Earn at least a ‘B’ average in all Honors courses
  • Earn a 3.3 FIU Cumulative GPA
  • Submit an Honors College Portfolio

Exceptions are only made in rare cases with extensive documentation.


Honors College graduates receive special recognition in three ways:

  1. Graduating seniors receive a transcript notation indicating that they have “graduated through the Honors College.”
  2. Honors College Graduation Assemblies each semester: Graduating seniors are recognized for completion of Honors College graduation requirements. Graduating seniors also receive the Honors College medallion and tassel at graduation.
  3. University Commencement Exercises: The University grants special recognition to Honors College graduates at Commencement.