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Fluorescent Moon

The world told through the experiences of three blind actors.

Antiheroes Project celebrates its fifth anniversary with Fluorescent Moon, a work of exploration in the world of three blind individuals. After half a decade of presenting numerous multidisciplinary theatre plays and inclusive workshops for people with and without disabilities, our organization have conceived this project for blind artists only.

The title Fluorescent Moon comes from a personal experience of one of the actors. He remembers the way in which his parents described the moon to him at the age of four. This work stems from conversations about memories and life events of six friends, four of them blind.

From those talks, emerge the idea of translating into the language of theatre aspects of their life, as well as their way of understanding and approaching the discovery of the outer world. Each actor has lived through experiences and obstacles differently, so it is also a play about diversity.

Wednesday, October 30, 2019
GC 140


Leadership & Mentorship with: Joel Gandara

CEO & Founder, Morro Capital

A natural entrepreneur, Joel founded an apparel company and created his own underwear brand. The brand retailed $1,000,000 within the first 13 months of business. Following that success, he and his growing team continued to create and develop more brands. Today, he is the owner of 21 men’s apparel brands. In October of 2013, he transformed his company from a wholesale business to a direct-to-consumer brand. More recently, Joel founded Morro Capital, a capital company that has acquired nine businesses to date and is in talks to procure more. Joel has proved that hard works pays off by creating a company that profits over a million dollars a year and whose inception began in a flea market!

Thursday, November 7, 2019
DM 233


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