Honors Education in the Arts (HEARTS) gives Honors College students opportunities to explore and appreciate different artistic and cultural traditions and modes of artistic expression, recognize the interplay of culture and artistic expression, and celebrate diversity.

The HEARTS program actively empowers students to produce their own art and understand that of others. Students are exposed to the arts in their multidisciplinary courses, but also, through HEARTS, the arts become actively ingrained in them as a lifestyle. While providing free or discounted tickets for concerts, plays, and other performances, HEARTS stimulates creative growth and nurtures student-initiated organizations and performing groups, as well as cinematic showings with informed discussion and other events on and off campus.

HEARTS also offers an arts and culture trip to New York over spring break, covering major art landmarks and allowing students to experience one of the foremost international cultural hubs.  As part of the program, the HEARTS New York Chats series inform the trip through conversations with subject specific faculty.

HEARTS responds directly to the FIU strategic plan, recognizing that
“The Arts are essential to Florida International University’s life of the mind. They inform the way we think, create, discern, solve problems, and adapt to a rapidly changing world. The creative and academic activities of FIU’s faculty, curatorial staff, and students in our colleges, schools, and museums support our quest for excellence and are an important strategic asset.”

— Worlds Ahead, Strategic Plan 2010-2011

For more information on HEARTS and HEARTS clubs, please contact Luli Szeinblum at luli.szeinblum@fiu.edu.

Student Participation

Students (as well as faculty and staff) are invited to participate in HEARTS in a number of ways:


The Honors College is proud to announce CultureShock Miami and the FIU College of Architecture and the Arts (CARTA) as partners in the HEARTS program.