Ghost in the Machine

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The Ghost in the Machine is a Cognitive Science Club at the FIU Honors College! Cognitive Science is the study of thought, learning, and mental organization, which draws on aspects of psychology, linguistics, philosophy, and computer modeling.

Mission of the club:

  • Educate our members on how different fields tie into different types of learning
  • Show our members what it is to think more critically and outside the box
  • Portray how the use of language and modern technology have an effect on the thought, learning, and organizational process of one’s mind
  • Show the different thought and organizational processes of different fields
  • Teach other people (outside of members) how to learn in different ways, be more thoughtful, and better a variety of skills (i.e. language, organization)
  • Ultimately demonstrate the interdisciplinarity between thought, learning, and organizational processes throughout many fields by the means of guest speakers (i.e. doctors, professors, and scholars within their respective fields), panels with professionals (curator of a museum, artists, philosophers) in their respective field, community service work, and overall cohesiveness

Member dues are $10 per semester.

For more information and application details, visit The Ghost in the Machine’s website.