HIP Club

Honors Investment Portfolio (HIP) Club


The Honors Investment Portfolio was created to teach and expose Honor College students to the workings of the equity markets. The founders established the club as a way to pass on their financial knowledge and experience. Through a hands-on approach, members learn the essential skills necessary to effectively manage their own finances and make rational financial decisions. The club manages both a virtual account and a live account. The virtual account is used for teaching purposes for new members, while seasoned members have the opportunity to pitch stocks for the live account. This concept allows the members to become engaged and proactive in their learning while taking actual trades and making long term investment decisions. Over time we believe that any consistent member of our club will reach a level of financial experience that exceeds that of most finance majors.


Mission Statement

The Florida International University Honors College organization, Honors Investment Portfolio (HIP), is a unique and imaginative club aimed at educating members on the investing process. Through hands-on investment projects we aim to provide our members with the ideas and tools needed to make sound financial decisions to become successful investors..

For more information on the HIP Club, please visit their website: http://honors.fiu.edu/hip.