The Pre-Law Association through Honors (PATH) is the pre-law organization for all Honors students interested in the law and in going to law school. It offers the following programs and activities:

Legal Studies

  1. Workshop on “What is ‘The law’” and “Is law school for me?”
  2. Law student shadow/mentor program
  3. Legal research training
  4. Litigation training (trials and appeals)
  5. Access to the Dean of the Law School

Law School Application/Admission

  1. Preparation for the Honors College 3+3 program
  2. LSAT – registration and preparation
  3. Application preparation (including personal statement)
  4. Mock interviews
  5. Law school selection/counseling

Community and Professional Development

  1. Law-related internships
  2. Community service opportunities in Sweetwater

Related Events

  1. Speaker Series
  2. Lunch Series
  3. Law-related field trips
  4. Networking/Mixers


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  2. Instagram

Faculty Advisors

Professor H. Scott Fingerhut
Assistant Director, Trial Advocacy Program, COL
Faculty Fellow and Director of Pre-Law Programs
in the Honors College

Umer Rahman
Coordinator for Student Programs