Sweetwater Partnership

Honors + Sweetwater

Sweetwater Farm-Share Initiative

Honors College students Volunteer in food collection, packaging, and distribution. This is a yearly/ongoing project.

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Special Events Volunteering efforts

Students volunteer during Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other special events throughout the year

Festival/event sponsorship and management

Honors College students have participated in various festivals and events such the University City festival.

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House Painting Initiative

Students volunteered on an initiative that was forwarded by the Mayor’s office to paint houses of elderly and less fortunate.

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Sweetwater Elementary After School Tutoring

Honors College students volunteer as after school tutors at Sweetwater Elementary. We have also worked on various projects and initiatives.

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Honors College Bus tour hosted by the City of Sweetwater

Ongoing initiative that introduces students to the city of Sweetwater

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Sweetwater Interns - 2City of Sweetwater Internships

Honors College Students have held various internships positions. Two Honors College alums are working at the Mayor’s Office. The City and the Honors College are working closely to expand our internship pool.

The Honors College has also dedicated a class that does community outreach as part of its curriculum

IDH 3034-4007 by Dr. Cecile Houry titled: Engaged Research in Community Through Honors (ENRICH).

City of Sweetwater and the Honors College highlighted our partnership at the FIU Homecoming Weekend. City of Sweetwater sent its trolley and two special squad cars to march with our students.