Looking for a honors course this year? Apply for ARCH!
The ARCH program provides 6 credits toward your Honors College requirements.

Need help choosing a topic?
Schedule a meeting with Associate Dean J.C. Espinosa or Undergraduate Research Coordinator Allen Varela. You can conduct research in any academic discipline, including creative works in the Arts.

Need help finding a FIU faculty member?
Review our Faculty Affiliate Database ( You can also schedule a meeting with Associate Dean J.C. Espinosa or Undergraduate Research Coordinator Allen Varela. Please note that your ARCH advisor does NOT have to come from this list.

Plan to work on a FIU faculty mentor’s project?
Sign up for ARCH. You can join a faculty member’s lab, group, or team and work on the project for ARCH. If you already signed up as part of a research team, you can still register for ARCH and get Honors credit for it.

Registered for a departmental thesis, capstone, or design project?
Register for ARCH at the same time. A departmental thesis, capstone and/or design project can also count as an ARCH project. (Not every FIU college or department has this kind of required project; your degree program’s academic advisor can tell you).

Conducting research abroad?
Enroll in ARCH. Your ARCH project does not have to take place at FIU. Previous ARCH projects have been completed via Honors 2.0 online and in other countries.

Want to apply?
Last Day to Submit the ARCH Registration Form for Fall 2017 – Spring 2018 is August 11.

Hope to see you in ARCH this year!