Conference Participation


The Honors College has encouraged and sponsored its students to participate in academic conferences since its inception. Participation in conferences provides students with the opportunity to represent the College outside of our own community, to share valuable research with other student researchers and faculty, and to grow from the experience of traveling in general.  Because there is a substantial investment involved in sponsoring participation in conferences, the College has developed a policy so that students may represent The Honors College at FIU in the best possible light.

Participation Requirements

The Honors College will sponsor students for conferences if (1) it has approved the project; (2) the project is accepted by the conference committee; and (3) the participants are Honors students in good standing–that is, they are maintaining at least a 3.3 GPA. It is the students’ responsibility to verify their status through the PantherSoft system.

If one or more members of a group proposal fall below the standards, the remaining members who meet the standard may still present the project.  Those who do not meet the standard may elect to still present at the conference under the following conditions:
(1) the group must have no more than 3 persons in it (counting the student not in good standing);
(2) the student not in good standing must pay his or her own registration fee and travel expenses and;
(3) the group must obtain permission from the Office of the Dean.  The Honors College reserves the right to limit participation in conferences in general in the best interest of the College and the conference.

Submission Procedure

All projects that are to be submitted to ANY conference must be approved by the Office of the Honors College Dean, or designate, before being submitted for consideration.  This rule recognizes that any work sent out, even in the form of an abstract, is a reflection upon the entire College.  Faculty may not submit proposals on behalf of students, or encourage students to submit proposals directly to any conference for which Honors College support is requested, without pre-approval of the proposal by the Office of the Dean or designate.  Faculty mentors are responsible for 1) insuring the quality of the project and, 2) guiding the student through: the application process, monitoring acceptance notification and appropriate responses, registration procedures, travel arrangements, poster and/or other presentation materials, etiquette, seeking SGA and/or other support, monitoring instructions and information from conference organizers via mail, email and internet. All of these mentoring items need to be done in conjunction with The Honors College office.

Although participation in any conference may be proposed to the Office of the Dean, in general The Honors College encourages proposals for the annual conferences of the Florida Collegiate Honors Council, the National Collegiate Honors Council, and the National Councils of Undergraduate Research.


At its discretion, The Honors College will provide or supplement funds for student to present at conferences.  Every student requesting conference funds from the college must first apply for assistance to the SGA and other funding agencies recommended by The Honors College dean or designee.

Code of Conduct 

All students whose proposals have been accepted by conference organizers are required to have a pre-departure meeting with the Dean or designate to discuss presentations, travel plans, and participant conduct.  It is the student’s responsibility to schedule this meeting if a general meeting is not called for a large group of participants by the Dean.  Students are expected to represent the College and University in a professional manner.  Any conduct that is deemed unprofessional or inappropriate, at the discretion of faculty mentors, or conference organizers, will result in disciplinary action including a demand for refund of expenses paid by the College for conference registration and travel.