This club within the Honors College is primarily for students who are going along the pre-medical track. We provide opportunities to expand your knowledge on the medical field as well as providing opportunities to help out the community. As a large family we will work together in order to create a club like no other within the confinements of FIU. As a newly formed STITCH we will attempt and succeed in creating an environment which will motivate students to learn and take advantage of the opportunities we have. We strongly encourage participation as it is required, but a requirement which should be seen as a journey to expand your knowledge and core values.

Executive Board

  • President – Anitza Quintero
  • Vice President – Juliana Cazzaniga
  • Secretary – Susana Rondon
  • Treasurer – Carlos Menendez
  • Community Service Representative – Asael Rodriguez
  • Historian – Lizis Rodriguez
  • Events Coordinator – Alejandro Perez
  • Service Trip Coordinator – Julian Gonzalez
  • Media Specialist – Isaac Ghobrial