Peer Advisor Position @ Pre-Health Department Information

Eligibility Requirements:

– GPA of a 3.5 or higher

– Must be recommended by the President of a Pre-Health Organization

– Student must be considered an upperclassmen

– Assist in the office for at least 3 hours per week

– Attend freshman orientations


– Help your peers attain their professional goals

– Refine your communication skills

– Learn more about the application process

If you’re interested please e-mail the pre-health office at or call them at (305) 348-0515.

Miami Children’s Hospital volunteer application

Thanks to Miami Children’s Hospital we are able to provide you guys with an incredible volunteer opportunity for your journey to medical school. You will be able to learn a variety of skills as well as being able to learn from your experience during your time there. Remember you all need a MINIMUM of 120 volunteer hours for medical school. With the hospital’s six month commitment there is no better way to fulfill, and hopefully exceed, this requirement. You’ll also have the chance to shadow a doctor after you’ve fulfilled the commitment if you’re interested. The link to the application to volunteer is as follows:

I strongly encourage you to take the time to read the few paragraphs located on their website seeing as they are very helpful guidelines to a successful volunteer process.

Miami Children’s Hospital offers more!

Miami Children’s Hospital is giving you guys the opportunity to interact with patients to get a taste of what volunteer experience! All you have to do is form a group of three to five students and fill out the application below. This will surely convince you to become a full blown volunteer!

MCH Application-Special Events

Would you like to do more than volunteering for Miami Children’s? Then look no further because they have their very own toy drive! Below you will find a document for acceptable toys with the corresponding age group and the application to donate toys.

Radio Lollipop Donation Wish List

Toy Drive Form-Foundation Radio Lollipop

MCAT Assistance

We all have to take the MCAT at some point within our college career in order to be considered for medical school. Well, Kaplan provides a 90-minute class which is free in order for some brief preparation. 90 minutes may not seem as much, but any bit of help we can receive in order to pass is very helpful! The link is as follows:

Does everyone remember the SAT question of the day in preparation for college? Well, Kaplan has provided a similar opportunity in order to hone your skills for the exam with their own MCAT Question of the day. The link to sign up for this is as follows:

The last thing we have for you guys is a 20-minute workout for the exam where practice questions are given in order to strengthen your skills to pass the test. The link is as follows: