Honors Advising Center

Honors College Learning Outcomes

Research Skill Honors College students will be able to demonstrate the advanced undergraduate research skills necessary in order to succeed in graduate or professional school and/or the workforce. SLO* (a):  Student can use the principles of conducting academic research. SLO (b):  Student will be able to conduct logical analysis and synthesis. SLO (c):  Student will […]

Honors Equivalency

Honors courses may be used to fulfill various major and degree requirements.  Below is a list of specific areas in which Honors courses will substitute a requirement.  If a specific school or major is not named, the Honors courses will still count toward electives to fulfill the 120* credit degree requirement. In order to receive […]


All Honors College students must present, before graduation, a portfolio of the work they have done over their years in the College.  The portfolio is an opportunity for students to showcase what they have learned and how they have met the College’s five areas of learning that represent the goals of the Honors curriculum. WHAT […]