All Honors College students must present, before graduation, a portfolio of the work they have done over their years in the College.  The portfolio is an opportunity for students to showcase what they have learned and how they have met the College’s five areas of learning that represent the goals of the Honors curriculum.


1.   Submit a piece of work (assignment) produced in your Honors College courses (regardless of year) that best exemplifies each of the five Honors College Learning Outcomes;  that is, one unique piece of your work for each of the areas (i.e., five separate items in the portfolio).

2.  In addition, for each of the five pieces, you must write a one- to two-page reflection on each assignment (i.e. five separate reflections).  When writing the reflection, consider the learning process involved in producing the work and its value.  Questions you should answer in each reflection essay include (but are not limited to) the following:

a.       What makes this particular piece your best work?   What does it say about you as a learner?

b.      What strategies did you use to learn the material in this assignment?  Which were the most effective? Why?

c.       What problems did you encounter in producing this work?  How did you solve them?

d.      What risks did you take in producing this work?

e.       What was the one most useful or meaningful thing you learned from producing this work?

f.       In what area of learning (from the five listed below)did you improve the most?  What improvement(s) did you make?

g.      What did you learn that is NOT reflected in your submission?

h.      Describe something important you have learned about yourself from producing this work.

i.        Additional questions that relate to each learning area will be listed below.  Please take those into consideration as well.

3.   The Final Product

Your final portfolio will include the following:

a.   Five unique assignments you’ve done while in the Honors College that best exemplify each of the five Honors College Learning Outcomes.

b.   A one- to two-page reflection on each of the submitted assignments.

All Honors College Portfolio documentation must be posted in Portfolium.com (https://portfolium.com/). Deadlines and uploading instructions are provided each semester.

Please email Director of Student Services, Lili Solorzano, if you have any questions or concerns: 305-348-4100 or Lsolorza@fiu.edu.