Honors College Citizenship Requirements:  Honors College students are required to accumulate at least 20 citizenship points each academic year (Fall and Spring) by attending Honors College activities. Students attending only one semester (Fall or Spring) are required to accumulate 10 citizenship points. Each activity has a point value.  Students may select which events and activities they want to attend.  The new system is designed to be more flexible for students, offering events at various days and times (including some weekend events) and allowing for a variety of ways to meet the requirements.  Please plan accordingly. The point value of an event will be noted on emails and flyers when it is promoted.  For a general breakdown, see the value table below.

ActivityPoint Value
Leadership Lecture4
Club Meeting1 (max of 5)
Honors Hour3
HEARTS Event (all types)2
Other (Specific HC Sponsored Event)2
Library Study Room (GL 310A) Visits10 visits = 1 (max of 1)
** There will be a few online events to choose from as well.   Because of the added flexibility of the new system, all students must fulfill the annual requirement-no exceptions. Students must arrive at the activities on time.  After 10 minutes, they will be turned away at the door. Students will track their points at http://myhonors.fiu.eduWe encourage students to earn as many points as they can.  At the end of each academic year, the top ten point earners will be recognized by appointment to the Dean’s Citizenship List. Volunteer Hours: As always, Honors College students must also complete 20 volunteer service hours.  These hours DO NOT count toward the 20 citizenship points discussed above.  Honors Hours Honors Hours provide informational sessions, social and entertainment opportunities, and workshops to expand your undergraduate experience.  Each Honors Hour session has a 3-point value.  For a full list of Honors Hours for the current semester, go to  If you have ideas for Honors Hours workshops you would like to see, email us at Colloquia Every semester we invite Honors College faculty fellows to give presentations on topics of interest. Each Colloquium has a 4-point value.  For a full list of Colloquia for the current semester, go to Community Service 20 Hours of Community Service per Academic Year (Fall/Spring). An important part of being a member of the Honors College student is demonstrating leadership by serving the extended community.  The Honors College service requirement is modest–at least 20 hours per academic year to a non-profit endeavor.There are many ways you can get involved—campus fundraising for non-profit organizations, volunteering for community projects, and so on..  If you’re not sure what to do, please contact the Coordinator of Student Programs at 305-348-4100.  The Honors College has many community initiatives in which you can participate, particularly with the City of Sweetwater (e.g., tutoring, computer classes for the elderly, citizenship classes, etc). Documenting your Community Service Hours To document your community service hours, log on to the MyHonors website.