Student Spotlight: Abraham Alonso

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Name: Abraham Alonso What grade are you in? Sophomore What is your major? Biology with a Chemistry minor How long have you been in the Honors College? I’ve been with the Honors College for a year now. What’s one interesting fact about you? I am double jointed. This condition allows me to have hyper-flexibility. Due to shallow joint sockets in my arms, I can …

I am the Homecoming Prince, but how?

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Rahul Mittal is an Honors College student and Computer Science major. Rahul was chosen as this years Homecoming Prince and has written a piece on his personal experience throughout the journey of earning the title. Read Rahul’s article here. The Honors College is proud of Rahul and his dedication to his studies and engagement within the University and the community.

Student Spotlight: Kayla Jolly

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Name: Kayla Jolly Major: Social work with a minor in history How long have you been in the Honors College? This is my 3rdyear in the Honors College program. What’s one interesting fact about you? An interesting fact about me is that I’m obsessed with Power Rangers. What’s your dream job? My dream job is to work as a social work researcher. What are your …

My internship at Boston Scientific

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Name: Tina Marie Suizzo Major: Mechanical Engineering Where did you intern? Boston Scientific Corporation (BSC), a manufacturer of medical devices. What did you do there? I was a supplier engineering intern. How did you get your internship? BEYA Conference in Washington, D.C. I got an on-site interview and offer. What projects did you work on? I have a non-disclosure agreement …