Emanuel Arias graduation photo

Alumnus uses social media to influence, guide pre-med students

David Melendez Feature, Spotlight

With the power of social media, this alumnus is using his journey at FIU and medical work experience to teach and guide pre-med students.

Honors College alumnus Emanuel Arias recognized the struggles many students, especially pre-med students had in college with personal or academic challenges. While navigating his own way as a pre-med student, Arias wanted to create a platform that shows the extensive journey from an undergraduate student to a medical school applicant.

During his freshman year, the biology student decided to bridge the gap between social media and medicine, documenting his progress and passions within the medical field.

He created an Instagram account called @DrInTheMaking, which features a variety of content that shows the person and work behind the scalpel. While exploring topics such as mental health, pre-med tips and general career advice, Arias aspires to encourage people to do whatever they set their mind to. 

Now, with over 4,500 followers on his account, Arias is constantly striving to create the best content for his followers, consisting of mostly pre-med students. Arias teaches his followers fun facts about medicine, important issues such as mental health, and gives advice from his personal journey towards becoming a doctor.

One of his most popular series of posts takes place every Friday where Arias posts videos from conversations with different medical personnel, such as science professors, current healthcare workers and other medical students on a variety of topics.

A recent segment was an interview with the Dean of the FIU Honors College, Juan Carlos Espinosa. This video discussed a range of topics from general aspirations for the Honors College as well as its future plans for pre-med honors students. In addition, Arias has met with personal statement coach Dr. Josie Ph.D. who provided tips for pre-med students writing personal statements. Also, for those interested in general medical facts, Dr. Pedro DPM is a regular face on the account who talks about a range of health conditions and how they can be treated.

Online conversations and interactions from students are what drives Arias to keep creating content on his account. “I receive messages saying that my posts helped students get through a bad day of imposter syndrome or have motivated them to study more,” Arias said. “It is very rewarding that I am making a difference.”

One follower reached out via direct message to Arias saying, “I just wanted to reach out and tell you that as a pre-med student at FIU, I really enjoy your content. Your passion for medicine has helped me continue to pursue my dreams.”

As a doctor in the making, Arias is passionate about these topics and conversations and feels even more inspired to pass on his knowledge and advice to others who might share a similar journey. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, he’s been motivated to create a better world for people in need of medical care.

Arias is currently working alongside and shadowing a surgeon where he is learning a great deal of medicine and various cases. Also, a medical school applicant, Arias is on the road to becoming the doctor and surgeon he’s always envisioned himself to be.