While Honors College students are FIU’s best, their demographics mirror the rest of the University. They are diverse, reflecting both U.S. and international population trends. Most are multilingual, and they are comfortable working across cultures. They bring with them a unique work ethic, with most successfully balancing multiple demands on their time. Too many, however, have to stop their education mid-stream to take jobs, help their families, or earn the cost of attendance. Too many cannot afford to live on campus, despite the advantages it offers, such as more timely graduation and increased student involvement.


of Honors College students come from low-income families.


You can ensure FIU’s most promising students are able to focus on their studies. Your investment in scholarships will help us recruit top students to FIU and support them in getting the best possible education and persisting through to graduation.

“The Gerald C. Grant, Jr. Scholarship made getting an education possible for me. The relief of not having to worry about how to pay for my tuition allowed me to focus on my academics and succeed. I have become more involved with the Honors College and the university as a result of this help and it has really given me the opportunity to grow as a person and as a professional. ”
-Cornelius Brown, Public Administration

“As a recipient of the Pamela Silva First Generation Scholarship I was able to not only continue to pursue my education without the worries of having to cover tuition costs or living expenses but was actually able to put some of that scholarship money to use. This scholarship, just like so many others, allows students like me to make the most out of their post-secondary education.”
-Alberto Garcia Marrero, International Business

“Thank you for the first-rate education, scholarships, and study abroad opportunities you have provided. I can honestly say that I would not be the person I am today if it weren’t for the Honors College at FIU.”
-Marika de los Reyes, ’10

“I am extremely grateful to the Honors College for not only the funds that allowed me to go to D.C. for the NVEEE Convention, but for the four years the College has allowed me to think and dream outside the box.”
-Kristine Hernandez, Alumna


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