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Why Internships?

  • Real World Experience
  • Apply classroom learning
  • Gain professional skills and self-confidence
  • Resume Builder
  • Develop related work experience
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Establish connections and build a network of contacts
  • Test Drive a Career
  • Explore career options related to your interest, values, skills, and personality
  • Gather insight into a particular industry or organizational culture


Stats You Need to Know:

  • Interns are 70% more likely to be hired as full-time employees with a company
  • Graduates who enter the workforce with at least one internship under their belt earn about $11,400 more than those who don’t
  • Students with internships make a quicker transition from college to career and are nearly twice as likely to receive a job offer when they graduate
  • 91% of employers use social media networks to screen prospective employees
  • Employers typically look as a resume for just 5 – 20 seconds
  • More than 90% of resumes are searched for job-specific words
  • 2/3 of employers of college grads said they paid those who had internship experience about 9% more than those that did not intern
  • 66% of employers believe interview performance and relevant work experience are the most important factors in their hiring decisions—far more significant than strong academic performance.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Employers cite internships as the top thing they look for in applicants. Why? They want employees with real world experience
  • Internships help you gain professional skills and self-confidence.
  • Internships show you how your classroom learning applies to actual situations.
  • Internships help you develop a professional network of industry contacts and potential employers.
    • Internships often lead to full-time job offers.
    • Through an internship, you can explore career options and identify what fits your interests, values, skills, and personality.

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