Honors College Engagement Requirements

In the Honors College we strive to build a sense of community, the kind you get at a small liberal arts college, but with all the resources of a major public university.  Our events, workshops, and activities are all designed with the purpose of enriching your life and giving you an experience that transcends mere classroom learning.  We hope that you will take advantage of all these opportunities to learn and grow.

Due to COVID-19 we will be offering virtual and in-person engagement events that will continue to provide students the Honors College experiences, help them meet other students, and push them to discover their passions.

This upcoming year (Fall 2021-Summer 2022), we will NOT be requiring 20 engagement points or 20 volunteer hours all Honors Students, but we will be HIGHLY encouraging students to continue to engage with us and volunteer in their local community. Engagement points and Volunteer hours will still be collected. Students with the most Engagement Points or Volunteer Hours will be recognized at our annual “Dean’s Welcome” event.

Each activity (virtual or in-person) will count for ONE Honors Point this upcoming year.

Students can track their points and see upcoming Honors Events at http://myhonors.fiu.edu or on our Instagram @FIUHonors.

For a general breakdown, see the value table below: (keep table that has all events listed as 1 point)

ActivityPoint Value
Leadership Lecture1
Club Meeting1 (max of 5)
Honors Hour1
HEARTS Event (all types)1
Other (Specific HC Sponsored Event)1
  • Honors Engagement Points will not be required this upcoming academic year (Fall 2020-Summer20201)
  • We will continue to track Honors Points and Volunteer Hours
  • All Events will be worth ONE Honors Point
  • Students can track their points and view Honors events at http://myhonors.fiu.edu
  • We encourage students to earn as many points as they can.  At the end of each academic year, the top ten point earners will be recognized on the Dean’s Citizenship List.
  • Honors Hours – Honors Hours provide informational sessions, social and entertainment opportunities, and workshops to expand your undergraduate experience.  For a full list of Honors Hours for the current semester, go to http://honors.fiu.edu/events.  If you have ideas for Honors Hours workshops you would like to see, email us at hcengage@fiu.edu.
  • Colloquia – Every semester we invite FIU faculty to give presentations on topics of interest For a full list of Colloquia for the current semester, go to  http://honors.fiu.edu/events or log on to MyHonors.