FIU College of Engineering & Computing


The purpose of the program is to allow FIU Honors College engineering students to be considered for guaranteed early admission to FIU College of Engineering and Computing graduate programs. The pipeline is from the B.S. in Biomedical Engineering to the Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering. However, this agreement does not preclude developing additional pipelines from other bachelor’s degrees to CEC Ph.D. programs.

To apply, a student must:
  • Be enrolled in the Honors College for a minimum of one academic year
  • Have a minimum 3.6 cumulative FIU GPA
  • Have earned a minimum of 60 credits toward their degree program
  • Submit a statement of research interests and goals
  • Identify a research mentor
  • Evidence of at least one of the following:
    • Laboratory research experience
    • Experience in health and policy making
    • Service to the community
    • Leadership skills and potential
    • Interested students must first complete a pipeline application through the Honors College. Applications will open late Summer and deadline will be during Fall semester (dates TBD).
    • Pipeline application must include a personal statement and identify a mentor.
    • All students in the pipeline will be required to complete a graduate application to the Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering by December of senior year. The GRE is required for entry into the Ph.D. program.
Research Requirement: (IDH 4905, 0-6 IDH credits)
  • Students in the program will conduct research through the Honors College Advanced Research and Creativity in Honors (ARCH) program. Mentors will be faculty from the College of Engineering and Computing. Projects work in concert with the development of the Senior Design Project. ARCH can also be conducted simultaneously with the Senior Design Project, in which case, ARCH can be taken for 0 credit.
Additional requirements to progress through the program

To progress from the Honors College to the Ph.D. in the CEC Biomedical Engineering Program, the student must:
1) maintain a minimum overall FIU GPA of 3.5
2) have commensurate scores on the GRE
3) complete the B.S. in Biomedical Engineering and all required courses prior to matriculation
4) have research and conference presentation experience
5) Receive the endorsement of his/her potential Ph.D. advisor

Financial Support

The student will work with their mentor to apply for fellowships and scholarships as early as junior year. Students in the program will also be eligible to compete for full Graduate/Teaching Assistantship from the Department of Biomedical Engineering upon entering the Ph.D. program.

For more information, please speak with an Honors College Advisor by calling (305) 348-4100.