Sustainable Development: Using A Harvard Business Simulation Approach


INSTRUCTOR: Hortensia Sampedro


SCHEDULE: Tuesday, 11:00AM - 12:15PM (Online Live)

Course Description

This course is suitable for Honors students from all disciplines interested in applying interdisciplinary, practical solutions to global problems. We will study practical approaches to the second nine (9) United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We will use Harvard Business Simulations to gain experiential learning.

Social problems impacting sustainable development are approaching critical levels not seen in the history of humanity, requiring the collaborative response of individuals, corporations, nonprofits, NGOs, and governments. I will actively challenge your pre-existing ideas to help you design varying solutions by bringing my rich depth of experience and practical approach with multinational corporations, international banking, geopolitical assessment, external country debt negotiations, strategic management and marketing, and philanthropy.

This is a Global Learning Course that counts toward your Global Learning graduation requirement and the prestigious Excellence in Global Learning Medallion. Your work in this course is highly suitable for the Honors College Portfolio, any of the Three Honors College Learning Outcomes: 1) Research Skills, 2) Interdisciplinarity and Connectivity, and 3) Leadership and Community Engagement.