Adult Topics on Narrative Medicine


INSTRUCTOR: Amilcar Castellano-Sanchez


SCHEDULE: Tuesday, 1:00PM – 3:30PM

Course Description

This course aims to bring forth the unbreakable — yet not well-valued and sparsely characterized — connection between the worlds of text (narrative, poetry, short stories, memoirs, interviews, and film adaptations) to the worlds of medical ailments and medical practice. The course will encourage the reading and interpretation of different literary media coupled with a mirror representation of adult disease (s) being discussed throughout the semester. The ultimate goal of the course is to explore fully the connection between health and well-being and the power of texts of all kind. Further impact of the recognition and valorization of this prominent literary and medical bond will manifest as participants contribute to knowledge via their participation in adding well researched content to Wikipedia pages of their choice. Sessions will include active participation between students and faculty, Socratic seminar lead-discussions, written reflections, and review of peer review articles on the subject matter.