Art Medical History to date

transparent human body model photo


INSTRUCTOR: Amilcar Castellano Sanchez


SCHEDULE: Monday, 1:00PM – 3:30PM

Course Description

This is the 2nd half of a yearlong course but this one can be taken without the 1st half.

This course encompasses the study of medical world history in the period that extends after the industrial revolution to current times; in similarity to the previous semester, this course will highlight medicine’s history s as it has been portrayed in different forms of art, i.e. visual, written, performed in a global perspective thus emphasizing certain areas in this review such as: anatomy, physical diagnosis, different types of illness -with a focus on infectious diseases-; a few specialties such as: obstetrics / gynecology, surgery, and psychiatry amongst others also including selected examples of preventive medicine and therapeutic approaches; all from the perspective of the vast historical registry available to us and making use of several exemplary lives of individuals in the course of medical history.

The goal of the course is to explore fully the connection between medicine, art, literature using the power of texts of all kinds. As well as various techniques applied from Narrative Medicine, Museum Based Education and literary analysis, hence we aim to comprehend and solidify this inextricable bend between the humanities and medicine as a whole. Therefore, sessions will include active participation between students and faculty, Socratic seminar lead-discussions, 5 min prompted, or essay styled written reflections, and review of peer review articles on the subject matter.

Thus, this course qualifies as a Global Learning Course that is discipline specific. Sessions will include faculty and invited speaker lectures / workshops; video / movie screenings, required readings (articles / book / novel (s), homework assignments and group projects.