Behind the Lens: Race and Ethnicity in the Media




SCHEDULE: Tuesday, 9:30 – 10:45 AM (Hybrid)

Course Description

Many are unaware of the extent to which media shapes their lives. Mass media has the capacity to influence thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. It also has the capacity to influence our social and political culture. Historically, the media has criminalized, marginalized and underrepresented
racial and ethnic minorities. This course seeks to explore how racial and ethnic minorities are portrayed in the media, how media reinforces and/or challenges prejudice and the effects of this on society and the individual.

In this course, we will survey various forms of mass media. Students will engage in discourse analyzing television, film, news articles, advertisements and social media. We will analyze character portrayals, word choice and memes. This will be in tandem with examining research, articles, and other sources on social, economic, and political issues.