Issues in Biomedical Ethics


INSTRUCTOR: Mary Lou Pfeiffer, Maikel Alendy



Course Description

This course examines issues of applied ethics [moral standards] as related to the dilemmas faced by patients, professionals and workers in the healthcare and scientific fields. The study of ethics and morality is appropriate for the 21st Century where standards of care are examined that relate to medical and scientific breakthroughs. In Summer A the course examines basic ethical issues and those recent complications that polarize beliefs as the modules focus on the historical timeline regarding moral philosophy into the evolution of biomedical ethics. These dilemmas we face today regarding matters of life and death are examined through case studies with the laws governing the US and global healthcare systems and medical practices, and medical directives. Summer B explores three current issues in medicine and science that are highly polarizing: vaccinations to prevent communicable diseases, matters of life- designer babies, and matters regarding death- dying with dignity. The debates are conducted through an innovative Learning Management System (LMS), Apprenet,that allows the each student to view every presentation and actively participate in the debates.