TikTok, Taiwan and Beyond: How China is Changing the World


INSTRUCTOR: Leland Lazarus


SCHEDULE: Tuesday, Thursday 2:00pm – 3:15pm

Course Description

TikTok. Almost every young person at FIU and around the nation use that app to watch funny videos, post the latest dance challenge, and connect with friends. So why is TikTok in the middle of a global struggle between the United States and China? Since its founding in 1949, the People’s Republic of China has evolved from poor pariah to global superpower in just seven decades. The most iconic example of China’s global influence is TikTok, currently owned by Chinese company ByteDance. China’s meteoric rise has caused profound changes in every region of the world and the very international system as we know it. More importantly, China’s increasingly assertive foreign policy will impact our world for decades to come.

This interdisciplinary course will explore China’s foreign policy from 1949 to today, blending history, international relations theory, business/ economics, and national security. We will hold rigorous debate about the economic and national security implications of China’s engagement in various regions, including economic coercion and espionage, cybersecurity, disinformation, supply chain resilience, military expansion, and technological competition. The course will also incorporate Collaborative Online International Learning, as well as guest lectures from U.S., Chinese, and Taiwanese practitioners in the field.