Cities, Data and Inclusive Design


INSTRUCTOR: Daniela Cadena



Course Description

This course will expose students to the trends, opportunities and challenges mega-cities are facing as the urban sprawl phenomenon continues, putting a strain on resources such as water, land use, public housing and waste-management. Throughout the semester, students will work on a project designed to introduce them to the role of data in identifying opportunities for improvement, complexity science, and the importance of designing policy for the most vulnerable members in our society. They will then apply these concepts to a problem in the Miami metropolitan area. Students will gain a diverse and rich understanding of being citizen-centric when designing for both policy and infrastructure. Over the semester we will identify opportunities for sustainable innovation by examining four aspects of inclusive design: exploration, defining, ideation, and prototyping. This course uses a blend of discussions, at least two guest speakers, readings, case studies and the aforementioned project to provide students with the opportunity to develop their critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creative skills.