Identity Consciousness and Performance: Hybridity, Mestizaje and Transculturality


INSTRUCTOR: Niurca Marquez


SCHEDULE: Tuesday, 3:30pm – 4:45pm (Online Live)

Course Description

This course analyzes the root and development of three of the most common terms used to describe cultural and/or racial mixing or blending and uses them as a starting point to examine the performance and literature about the experience of the “third” or liminal space as applicable beyond just cultural studies. Students learn about these three distinct terms for mixed cultural expressions and what they mean in a series of fields like sociology, religion, gender studies, ethnography, performance and the arts, to name a few. We will critically examine both theoretical and first-hand accounts of this cultural experience and identity politics, as well as, live and mediated performances centered on these themes. We will look at specific case studies of identity expression and artistic/activist performance and will examine how these terms are relevant today, particularly in our understanding of our own identities and performance.