Creative Digital Media in the 21st Century

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INSTRUCTOR: Kiesha Moodie



Course Description

Learn to leverage data-driven digital media and marketing to be competitive in the space that influences the world today. Students will learn in-demand topics such as programmatic and direct deal campaign setup, including assigning inventory, goals, budgets, targeting, and creatives. From understanding the basics of Google Ads and Campaign Manager to programmatic media buying with Google DoubleClick, you will gain an understanding of how brands get seen by the right people at the right time and hence how to make the most for your brand.

The class will be taught by industry experts arranged by Google and Google staff and will take you from covering the basics to working on a marketing project with a real-life client brief through its hands-on curriculum. This course will position students that are pursuing any industry to contextualize consumer perspectives and behavior and understand how companies utilize that data to inform their decision related to their brand and messaging. This course will utilize Google's Skillshop Academy platforms and will provide students the opportunity to gain skills and ultimately acquire relevant industry credentials authorized by Google.